Trust, Automatism, Smart Contracts, Self Management

The future of securing your copyrights

Artentity allows artists to manage their own music, videos and texts and exchange them with anyone they want for a self-determined price. The Blockchain technology enables clear authorships and copyrights to prevent uncontrolled reproduction and modification of artistic contents. Its usage will be automatically transacted through smart contracts without any intermediaries like Streaming providers or official authorities.

Added Value

For Artists

Save your data on the artentity Blockchain and secure your copyrights. Your authorship is always and unmistakably traceable to you. Receive direct payments through your digital wallet for the usage of your content.

For User

Use the artistic content and ensure that no-one else receives money but the artist itself. Through the direct linkage of the Blockchain, no intermediary with high fees is required. Generally, you pay a small share of current prices for music, videos and texts.



  • Björn

    Technical mastermind and coder. Björn has set-up several private Blockchains and is a tech-guru. C++, Java, Python, you name it - Björn knows to code in all type of programming languages.

  • Jonas

    Business and Blockchain mastermind. Jonas has several years of experience in a leading management consultancy with focus on digitization. Furthermore he became Blockchain specialist and advised companies on strategic questions regarding the technology.

  • Oliver

    IT-specialist and creative mind. Oliver gained longterm experience working with different clients in the field of IT-restructuring and Blockchains. He knows all trends within Blockchains and is a successful investor in cryptocurrencies.

  • Tim

    Entrepreneur and founder of several start-ups in the event sector. Tim brings deep knowledge of the start-up and event scene and is a business mastermind.
    With several years of experience in the event sector, Tim knows the needs and worries of artists.